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Subscribe to access the Quiz http://www.plantfile.com/plantfile-online Once you have logged in to PlantFile online and saved at least five plants in the selected file you can then quiz yourself on botanic name and other features. A report will be produced in PDF that can be printed or e-mailed to other parties. The PlantFile quiz is unique with no other database offering this in-depth teaching feature.
Australian Institute of Horticulture Award www.plantfile.com PlantFile has received an award of Merit as a valuable horticultural and educational resource from the Australian Institute of Horticulture Inc. PlantFile has been an ongoing development since 1982 and all that have worked on this project deserve this recondition for sustained and dedicated work in perfecting PlantFile as a relevant and valuable professional horticultural tool.
Continuous work carried out by the PlantFile team. www.plantfile.com We have continued working on PlantFile on a daily basis adding new plants and revising existing files. The gallery is also being enhanced with hundreds of images being added. There is a new feature that allows the user to send saved selected plants to other people (clients)as a PDF. This PDF can be customised with the users logo, Company name and address. A message can also be added to the e mail. The saved selected list can also be downloaded as a text file. The new QR code option available on
Students subscribe for free www.plantfile.com Students that attending colleges that are linked to PlantFile Online can subscribe for free to access all of the features of the PlantFile. This includes the the Quiz, User data input and selected files. Any questions please conrtact PlantFile at sales@plantfile.com