Revision of selected Diseases

69 Species

Common Name Scientific Name Image Affected Plants
Anthracnose (General) Various Anthracnose Species
Apple Scab, Black Spot Venturia inaequalis
Armillaria Root Rot, Honey Fungi Armillaria luteobubalina
Bacterial Gall in Oleander Pseudomonas syringae pl. savastonoi
Bacterial Rot Various Bacterial Species
Bacterial Soft Rot Erwinia species
Beech Bark Disease Nectria fungi
Black Spot Marssonia rosae
Blossom-end Rot, Tomatoes Calcium Deficiency
Brown Rot, Stone Fruit Sclerotinia fructicola & Sclerotinia laxa
Bud Problems with Camellia Environmental
Bulb and Stem Nematode Ditylenchus dispaci
Canker (General) Various Canker Species
Chlorosis in Azaleas Iron Deficiency
Citrus Scab Sphaceloma fawcettii var. scabiosa
Club Root of Crucifers Plasmodiophora brassicae
Collar Rot Phytophthora citrophthora
Coral Spot Nectria cinnabarina
Crown Gall Agrobacterium and other species
Damping-off Various Damping-off Species
Dieback (General) Various Dieback Causes
Dollar Spot Various Dollar Spot Species
Downy Mildew (General) Various Downy Mildew Species
Downy Mildew in Grapes Plasmorpara viticola
Dry Patch in Turf Fungal Dry Patch
Eucalyptus Shoot Blight Quambalaria pitereka
Fasciation A Mutation
Fireblight Erwinia amylovora
Fungal Gall of Wattles Uromycladium species
Fungal Leaf Spot on Camellia Pestalotiopsis and other species
Fungi (General) Various Fungal species
Fusarium Wilt (General) Various Wilt Species
Grey Mould Botrytis cinerea, B. elliptica
Ink Disease of Kangaroo Paw Alternaria alternata
Leaf Blight (General) Various Leaf Blight Species
Leaf Gall in Azalea Exobasidium vaccinii
Leaf Gall in Camellia Exobasidium camelliae
Leaf Nematodes Aphelenchoides species
Leaf Scorch Stagonospora curtisii
Leaf Spot (General) Various Leaf Spot Species
Lichens Various Lichen Species
Magnesium Deficiency Nutrient Deficiency
Mosaic Virus Various species
No disease information Unlisted
Oedema Environmental (Water)
Peach Leaf Curl Taphrina deformans
Petal Blight Itersonilia perplexans
Petal Blight in Azalea Ovulinia azaleae
Phytophthora Rot Phytophthora species
Powdery Mildew Various Powdery Mildew Species
Red Thread, Turf Red Thread Laetisaria fuciformis
Ringspot (General) Various Ringspot Viruses
Ringspot in Camellia Ringspot virus
Root Knot & Other Nematodes Meloidogyne & other species